Gizmodo Editor's Equipment Finally Being Searched

Ryan Whitwam

Any hope that Gizmodo editor Jason Chen had of getting his computers back unmolested has evaporated today . The San Mateo district attorney announced the devices were finally being searched by authorities. He further stated the "special master" of the investigation had been instructed only to collect information pertaining to the purchase of the iPhone prototype lost in a bar several months ago.

The police raided Chens home in April and seized all electronic equipment including laptops, mobile phones, iPads, and servers. Gizmodo initially objected citing California's journalist shield laws. Apparently, the police considered those claims, but decided they did not agree. The process of gathering evidence could take up to two months, at which time Chen's legal counsel can object to any piece of evidence. A judge will ultimately decide what to pass along to prosecutors.

No one has been charged with a crime as of yet, but the increasing scrutiny of Chen, and dismissal  of the shield law, could be trouble. Journalist shield laws would not apply if Gizmodo employees themselves were under investigation for wrongdoing. Do you think Jason Chen should be held personally responsible for the purchase of the iPhone?

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