Giving Tree Phone Charger: Fantastic or Fugly?

Paul Lilly

Not all of the concepts that float through Yanko Design -- our go-to site for potentially awesome and oftentimes artistic prototypes -- are winners. Some are just too bizarre, while others are downright dopey, both in looks and in function. We're not sure where exactly to put the Giving Tree smartphone charger, so why don't you give us a hand?

According to designers Kim Joonim and Jeong-a Choi, the Giving Tree is supposed to replace those "very drab looking charging stations for cellphones" that you might run across at airport lounges or other public spaces. It's armed with three green cords, all of which would ideally be retractable, though that would probably require a thicker base. There's also a light on top that indicates how many devices are hooked up, something that should be obvious from the get-go.

It's certainly functional and we're fans of multi-device chargers, but what's the verdict on the aesthetics? Thumbs up or thumbs down on this concept?

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