GIMP No Longer Packaged with Ubuntu

Paul Lilly

Future Ubunu installations will no longer include GIMP, starting with version 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), it was announced during the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

According to those in attendance, the decision to kick GIMP to the curb was based on a variety of factors. One of the primary reasons was a feeling that the general user just doesn't use GIMP. The general consensus is that the photo editing software is too complex and better aimed at professionals. Developers also took issue with the amount of disc space GIMP takes up.

While controversial, the decision to remove GIMP from Ubuntu is viewed as an important one in promoting the OS as a mainstream option. And GIMP's developers seem to agree.

"That is pretty much in-line with our product vision," Sven Neumann, a respected GIMP developers and author of the GIMP Pocket Reference, wrote in response to Ubuntu's plan. "GIMP is a high-end application for professionals. It is not the tool that you would advise every user to use for their causal photo editing."

Most likely replacing GIMP for quick-and-dirty photo editing on the mainstream level is F-Spot.

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