Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 780 Ti Overclocked Edition Sports Tri-Fan Cooling Solution

Paul Lilly

Three fan design boasts 14 percent better cooling performance

NVIDIA swiped the fastest single-GPU crown from AMD with the launch of its GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card (tough to argue with the benchmarks ), but why stop there? Gigabyte decided to kick things up a notch with its GeForce GTX 780 Ti Overclocked Edition, an OC'd version of NVIDIA's reference speed demon outfitted with a Windforce 3X cooling solution consisting of "Triangle Cool" technology.

Cutting through Gigabyte's fancy marketing buzzwords, the dual-slot cooler on the company's OC'd card features three ultra quiet PWM fans supplemented with two 8mm and four 6mm copper heat pipes. RAM heatsinks round out the cooling package, and according to Gigabyte , it all adds up to 14 percent better cooling performance compared to reference.

Unfortunately, that's where most of the details stop. Gigabyte's press release doesn't contain any technical data, nor does a product page yet exist for the card. We did a little digging and found the card on Amazon for $725 (currently out of stock), but outside of mentioning some high-end components, there's no indication of clockspeed.

For reference, a stock clocked GeForce GTX 780 Ti has a core clockspeed of 875MHz, boost clockspeed of 928MHz, and 3GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 7000MHz (effective). Gigabyte's cooling solution alone might be worth the $25 premium this card carries, but it sure would be nice to know how far it's overclocked from the factory.

We've reached out to Gigabyte for clarification and will update this article when we know more.

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