Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force LN2 Motherboard Breaks Multiple Overclocking Records at Computex



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Does it mean I should got for a Gigabyte Motherboard now? But i'm using an AMD FX 8-core processor. Hmmmmmmmm....



Paul, why do you keep referring to motherboards as a "slice of silicon"? They're made of fiberglass and resin.



Why can't AMD or Intel make a dam CPU that's over 4.0+ GHz out of the box?? Been over 10 Years & they still can't overcome this hurdle. I want a dam 5GHz Quad core CPU already! At this rate, we will see a 1000 core 3.4GHz CPU before we see a Quad Core 4.0+ GHz CPU. What gives??



They're coming eventually. Having more cores in a processor allows for more efficient processing. Having a higher clocked CPU just makes it hotter; that's what holding them back. Having a hotter CPU means it needs a bigger fan, and OEMs don't want that. If you want a high clock speed out of the box, get one that is designed to be overclocked.

It's not all about the clock speed. That's how the Athlon II kicked Intel's ass in the 90's and early 2000's at half the clock speed; it was more efficient and had more cores. It allowed for better multitasking, and that's what the majority of consumers want.

I'd take a 1000 core 3.4 over a quad 8.6 any day. Maybe I won't have as a high frame rate as you, but I can have twenty games open running at 10 fps less.



I'm still wanting for a new SR-X. It was obvious from the follow-up SR-2 that there will never be a SR-3, but here's to hoping that another company picks up, just as when the Skulltrail was dropped.

Not saying I could ever afford it, though.