Gigabyte Unveils a Bunch of 9 Series Motherboards in Anticipation of Refreshed Haswell Launch



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The Haswell refresh they are referencing includes the 4690k(no difference in base/turbo clocks) and the 4790k which is 4.0Ghz base and 4.4Ghz turbo.(this is what the slides say) These are expected after computex in june and in consumers hands by july. The 9 series chipset motherboards fully released today for purchase as of 5/15. The 9 series chipset includes M2 storage options 10Gbps and storage options 10Gbps. Both of which use the pci-e express lane as bandwidth.


Ghost XFX

TBH we have hit the wall, or at least bumped into it. You can only shrink the process so much...

The main idea behind getting the Refresh is more about the 9-series platform and it's compatibility from Haswell to Broadwell.

I'm not a huge hunk over the Haswell/Broadwell launch, however, Iris pro sounds pretty interesting. So it's not as if the upcoming chips have nothing at all going for them.

And coming from somebody like myself that's leaving AMD behind, this is a good time to get ready for real performance....



I am sorry, but am I the only person out there who is not interested in this new refresh? it seems like ever sense Sandy bridge there has not been any more increases in performance, just power savings and new interfaces or fixing of sata ports. Yes I know an ivy at 3.5 is faster than a Sandy at the same speed, same with haswell vs ivy, but when a Sandy can go faster to become as fast as the ivy and an ivy can go faster to become as fast as the haswell, and all 3 oced to the max are within 1% of each other then what's the real point?

Intel is only competing with themselves, and that makes this a non starter to me. I wish amd had stayed in the true desktop performance race, but it looks like those days are gone and now it's all about efficiency. I can't believe I am thinking this but I almost think I am done upgrading, I think we hit the performance wall.



I basically agree. No DDR4 and No SATA Express = Me Not Interested.


The Mac

agreed, i will look at broadwell when it comes out as a posibility.

i could shave 30 watts or so off my footprint if i went from my 95 watt TDP 2500k to a 65 watt haswell, with a tiny increase in performance.

Really not compelling enough.



Since sandy bridge the upgrade path has really diminished to almost a "not worth it" state. Now if you're upgrading from an old Core 2 Quad then by all means - well worth it and waiting turned out to be the best thing but if you're on Sandy or Ivy, then it just isn't worth it. Some of the motherboard enhancements may be nice, but the end doesn't justify the means imo. Even for an electricity savings too.