Gigabyte Presents New Quad-Core J1900 Motherboard



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This is a very interesting board for integrated/embedded applications such as industrial control systems and POS/kiosk applications. I would rather have seen a SATA3-6gb port to take advantage of modern SSD's, even if it was an external chip, but mini-pcie cards can be had with 2 sata3 ports saving the slower PCI slot for a Wifi card if needed.

The high-ESD protection and individually fused I/O ports, and the inclusion of legacy I/O ports really interest me in this board for my CNC controller I am building. I don't need to keep legacy software alive (the ones that say that know nothing of the industrial environment), but I do need legacy I/O ports with hardware interrupts, something a USB adapter cannot provide.



Only SATA II and USB 3?



A Celeron, dual serial ports and PS/2 ports. I could see this being used to keep legacy software going.



The inclusion of two serial ports is making me believe this is more like a dev-board for Bay Trail products with the added plus that you could throw it in a desktop build.

Because really, there's no reason for those serial ports to be there.



I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, this board is meant for like ... you know those tiny PCs Stores use for like cash registers or for very basic computing but with more options than something like those mini media boxes. If I wanted to stick a bunch of HDDs for a network storage this little thing would be perfect.

EDIT: whops I didn't see severnia's comment that's what I meant lol