Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 GHz Edition Review



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I have a GTX 770 with that same Windforce cooler. It doesn't strike me as very quiet and that came as a surprise. Got a copy of Watchdogs with it and the fans in a well ventilated full tower case ramp up to close to 60% on auto and its very audible at those speeds. The ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II I own is much quieter.



I have to say the opposite. I've had 2 Gigabyte cards with the 3x Windforce cooler and 1 card with the Asus DirectCUII. The 2 Gigabytes were a 470 and 780 Ti. The 470 was so quiet I couldn't hear it at 100% unless I stuck my head almost in the case. The 780 Ti was audible, but still not bad. The Asus card was also a 780 Ti, and it was far more audible than the Gigabyte 780 Ti.

I should mention that Asus changed the DirectCUII cooler for the worse with the GTX 700 series of cards; they made the fans smaller, so the cooler is now louder. That's probably why you had such a good experience with your Asus 670 but I haven't with my Asus 780 Ti, and it's probably why you found the Gigabyte 770 to be "loud".



Sorry, but I have to agree with the OP. I have a 7970 Windforce, and the cooler has been awful noise-wise from the very beginning. It's ofc ok at lower RPM's. But when it ramps up.. The sound is a bit high pitch, and unpleasant. A friend has a GTX 770 with the same cooler, and it's the same.

I recently bought a Sapphire 290x Tri-X Vapor X. Talk about difference :P

I'm gonna try a Palit 780Ti next week, heard good things about that card!