Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force LN2 Motherboard Breaks Multiple Overclocking Records at Computex

Paul Lilly

Motherboard built specifically for overclocking doesn't disappoint at Computex 2014

There's no mistaking Gigabyte's Z97X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard for a standard mobo. That slice of silicon is built for the extreme overclocking circuit, which is why there aren't any CPU fan mounting holes -- it's all about liquid nitrogen. Case in point, Gigabyte's Z97X-SOC Force LN2 broke multiple world records at Computex 2014 , which includes the highest DDR3 memory frequency every achieved -- 4.56GHz, up from the previous record of 4.4GHz.

"One of the greatest parts of working for Gigabyte as an overclocker is the ability to come out with what at first seems like a crazy idea, have our skilled engineers be able to build it, and have the backing of our management to allow the concept to go into production for sale," commented Hi Cookie , Chief Overclocking Evangelist, Gigabyte Motherboard Business Unit. "The Z97X-SOC Force LN2 is a true testament to this forward-thing philosophy, and I can’t wait for other overclockers around the world be able to use this motherboard to break even more world records."

Gigabyte's board set new records for Aquamark3 (both single GPU and dual-GPU), 3DMark05 (dual GPUs), 3DMark2001 SE, Unigine Heaven (single GPU), and more.

It's a gnarly board, though obviously the lack of CPU fan mounting holes limits its appeal to extreme overclockers. In that sense, the bevy of features are somewhat wasted, as this board will never serve as anyone's daily driver. That said, there is a version of this board that includes traditional CPU fan mounting holes -- the GA-Z97X-SOC Force .

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