Gigabyte Unveils First AM3+ "Black Socket" Motherboards

Paul Lilly

Whenever AMD or Intel introduce a new processor, there's the question of whether or not it will work in your existing motherboard, and if not, which one(s) will it work with? The answer isn't always as obvious as a pin count, especially with the current generation of AMD parts. To help alleviate any confusion over AMD's next generation CPUs for current AMD 800/700 series chipset motherboards, Gigabyte announced it's the first to market with AM3+ "Black Socket" motherboards, giving users at-a-glance confirmation that everything's kosher.

"Wanting to ensure users their motherboard is able to take advantage of all the performance enhancements that AMD's upcoming AM3+ CPUs have to offer, Gigabyte has equipped their entire line of AM3+ CPU ready motherboards with a new black colored socket, making it easy to spot for AM3+ support," Gigabyte says. "In addition, Gigabyte 'Black Socket' series offer full backwards compatibility with AMD's current generation AM3 socket CPUs, allowing for painless migration to the AM3+ CPUs when they become available."

There are currently 16 Gigabyte AM3+ "Black Socket" series motherboards, including:

  • 890FXA-UD5 (Rev 3.1)
  • 890GPA-UD3H (Rev 3.1)
  • 880GA-UD3H (Rev 3.1)
  • 880GMA-USB3 (Rev 3.1)
  • 880G-USB3 (Rev 3.1)
  • 880GM-USB3 (Rev 3.1)
  • 880GM-USB3L (Rev 3.1) - coming soon)
  • 870A-UD3 (Rev 3.1)
  • 870A-UD3P (Rev 3.1)
  • 870A-USB3 (Rev 3.1)
  • 870A-USB3L (Rev 3.1)
  • MA770T-UD3P (Rev 3.1)
  • MA770T-UD3 (Rev 3.1)
  • 770T-D3L (Rev 3.1)
  • 780T-USB3 (Rev 3.1) - coming soon
  • 78LMT-S2P (Rev 3.1) - coming soon

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Image Credit: Gigabyte

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