Gigabyte to Launch Another Overclocked Radeon HD 6970 Videocard

Paul Lilly

Maybe Gigabyte got bit by the overclocking bug, or perhaps the top-tier motherboard and graphics card vendor got its mitts on some better silicon. Whatever the case may be, Gigabyte is getting ready to release a second, factory overclocked Radeon HD 6970 videocard, the GV-R6970OC2-2GD. This latest variant will ship with its GPU revved up to 920MHz, up from 880MH stock (and 900MHz for the R6970OC), while the 2GB of GDDR5 remains at 5500MHz.

The new card will use the same Ultra Durable VGA+ design as the R6970OC, which consists of high-grade components like a 2-ounce copper PCB, Japanese capacitors, ferrite-core chokes, tier 1 memory modules, gold-plated HDMI, and low RDS MOSFET.

Also worth mentioning is the Windforce 3X anti-turbulence cooling solution. This three-fan cooler utilizes a 3D-inclined fin design, PWM fans, three copper heatpipes, and "a unique vapor chamber to strengthen the speed of heat dissipation."

No word yet on when Gigabyte will ship its new card or for how much.

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Image Credit: Gigabyte

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