Gigabyte Summons 'Force M7 Thor' Pro-Laser Gaming Mouse

Paul Lilly

What happens when you transform Thor into a mouse? You end up with an ultra-sensitive 6000 DPI sensor instead of a mountain-crushing hammer to dispense with the competition. Gigabyte's new Force M7 Thor is the company's newest Force Series product and it's aimed at gamers looking for a professional grade gaming mouse, whether you're a left-handed or right-handed user.

Sporting an ambidextrous design, the Force M7 Thor resembles some of Razer's earlier rodents, albeit with its own unique flair that Gigabyte claims is ergonomic.

"The Force M7 Thor is a new design from Gigabyte dedicated for gamers who are looking for a professional grade gaming mouse straightforward with reliability, solidity and great performance. Stronger focus on the fundamental needs of gamers, Gigabyte designed Force M7 Thor to bring out comfort and durability under intense gaming session," Gigabyte explains .

Gigabyte's newest rodent boasts 12,000 FPS image processing capability, a 3-stage DPI adjustable switch with blue LED indicators, five programmable buttons with SIM software, large "gaming grade" feet pads, and an ultra-durable USB cable.

No word yet on price or availability.

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