Gigabyte, MSI Still M.I.A. from Ultrabook Category

Paul Lilly

Intel was hoping its Ultabook concept would snag a 40 percent share of the overall notebook market by 2012, and while that seems a bit optimistic, market research firm IHS iSuppli forecasts Ultrabooks will account for no less than 43 percent of all laptops by 2015. Neither of those memos have found their way over to Gigabyte or MSI.

Both notebook players have yet to make any plans for Ultrabooks, and both are currently seeing losses in their notebook businesses, DigiTimes reports after chatting with "sources from notebook players."

According to DigiTimes, MSI's mobile focus going forward is on gaming laptops, and that's something we've seen a lot of from MSI recently. Gigabyte, on the other hand, is still interested in mainstream notebooks, but has yet to get behind the Ultrabook concept and is instead pushing its Booktop solution , a hybrid 3-in-1 system that functions as a laptop, tablet, and desktop.

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