Gigabyte Launches X58A-OC Motherboard Aimed at Extreme Overclockers

Paul Lilly

If you view the art of overclocking as a necessary step in the PC building process, then Gigabyte's new X58A-OC motherboard might be just the slab of silicon you've been waiting for. Gigabyte's pitching it as the "world's first overclocking motherboard," a bit of stretch when you think back to boards that have come before it, particularly in DFI's heyday, though we're more apt to believe the X58A-OC was "designed from the ground up for extreme overclockers." There are some neat features here, some of which we've never seen on a motherboard before.

"The Gigabyte X58A-OC introduces some really exciting and unique overclocking technologies like the PWM frequency switcher, a full range of onboard hardware OC buttons, onboard SATA power connectors for stable multiple graphics configurations, and DualBIOS switcher that up until now have just been ideas discussed in private OC forums and messages," commented HiCookie, Gigabyte In-house Overclocking Expert. "Tweaking features aside, we have also adopted high current components such as POScaps and MPFC (Max Power Ferrite Core) Chokes that allow overclockers to bench more reliably and with more power so they are able to smash more world records. As an avid overclocker myself, having the freedom to help design a board specifically for overclockers has been a dream come true, and I really hope that overclockers enjoy benching on this board as much as we enjoyed making it!"

Gigabyte likens the X58A-OC to that of a stripped down sports car that's had the radio, passenger seats, and other unnecessary elements removed in order to make room for performance enhancements. One of those is spacing. There's a larger gap between the PCI-E ports than what you'll find on most motherboards, the idea being that it gives you more room to insulate.

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