Gigabyte Goes with Gun Theme on Upcoming "G1-Killer" Motherboard

Paul Lilly

We like Gigabyte's boards, we're just not real keen on the pastel color scheme that has dominated the company's product lineup in recent memory. That's about to change.

In anticipation of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Gigabyte offered up a sneak peak of its new G1-Killer gaming boards, at least one of which will be built around Intel's LGA1366 platform. Gone are all those pastel colors, replaced by an aggressive aesthetic capped off with a heatsink that looks like an ammo clip.

It's a little gimmicky, but depending on how the rest of the board looks, this could add some much needed flair to Gigabyte's enthusiast lineup.

Look for the G1-Killer series to ship in early 2011 starting at $300.

Image Credit: Gigabyte

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