Gigabyte GA-7TESM Server Board Supports a Whopping 288GB of DDR3 Memory

Paul Lilly

Maybe you're aware that DDR3 memory is nearly as cheap as tap water these days. That means you can totally justify stocking up on gobs of RAM, but at what point do you stop? Long before 288GB, which is more than your motherboard or any consumer board supports, but is exactly the amount you can stick in Gigabyte's GA-7TESM motherboard .

The GA-7TESM is a dual-socket motherboard for Intel's Xeon 5500 and 5600 series. It's outfitted with 18 DIMM slots and has been validated to play nice with 16GB Netlist HyperCloud DDR3-1333 memory modules. These are special modules that utilize a technology called rank multiplication to fit 16GB on a single stick. It's a trick that hides physical ranks of chips from the memory controller hub (MCH), ultimately enabling more DRAM capacity in standard dual-socket motherboards like the GA-7TESM.

"This new validated solution answers a significant need to run more bandwidth intensive, high performance computing applications among organizations for which improving server utilization is a critical objective," Gigabyte said in a statement. "Thanks to the association of Gigabyte's leading motherboard design and Netlist 's cutting-edge technologies in memory modules, a superior computing solution is now available for advanced memory intensive applications relying on high density server systems."

Other features of Gigabyte's GA-7TESM include four GbE LAN ports, eight SAS 6Gbps ports, six SATA 3Gbps ports, three PCI Express ports (x16, x8, and x4), a single PCI port, and various RAID support. The board sells for upwards of $480.

Image Credit: Gigabyte

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