Gigabyte, Asus Wrestle for Motherboard Shipment Crown

Paul Lilly

Combined mobo shipments from Asus and Gigabyte likely to top 43 million units in 2013

Two top tier motherboard makers, Asus and Gigabyte, are fighting for the shipment crown, and while it looks like Asus will emerge the winner, it's become a fairly narrow race at the top. Gigabyte helped close the gap by shipping six million motherboards in the third quarter of this year and is expected to ship at least five million more mobos in the fourth quarter, bringing its total to 21 million units in 2013 (or more).

These aren't official statistics, but numbers based on sources from within the upstream supply chain, according to Digitimes . Those sources say Gigabyte shipped 5.2 million motherboards in the first quarter and 4.8 million units in the second quarter. Gigabyte's efforts to expand its share of the market in China is paying off, and because the company is shipping a large number of mid-range and high-end boards, it's cost control and profits are up, too.

It's expected that 27 million motherboards will end up in China in 2013, 9 million of which will come from Gigabyte. Given the success it's having over there, Gigabyte will focus even more attention in China in 2014, Digitmes says.

Meanwhile, Asus is still the top dog. Asus shipped 22.2 million motherboards in 2012 and is expected to top that figure in 2013, keeping Gigabyte less than an arm's length away.

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