Gigabyte, Asus Fight for Top Spot in Motherboard Shipments

Paul Lilly

Gigabyte will try to surpass Asus as the No. 1 motherboard player (in terms of shipments)

Top tier motherboard makers Asus and Gigabyte continue to dominate the mobo market just as they did in 2013, but only one can take the top spot. It was a close race between the two last year, and it could be another photo finish this year, with Gigabyte expecting to ship over 5 million motherboards in the first quarter. If so, that could give Gigabyte an early lead over rival Asus.

Just as before, these aren't official figures from either firm, and instead represent estimates by players within the upstream supply chain, Digitimes reports . Those sources say Gigabyte shipped 20 million motherboards last year, 40 percent of which ended up in China.

Citing comments made by Gigabyte president Alexander Ma, Digitime says Gigabyte's strategy for this year is to aggressively focus on the mid-range and high-end markets in order to boost its average selling price (ASP), gross margins, and profits. Part of the challenge will be outpacing an overall motherboard industry that's expected to decline 5 percent this year -- Ma hopes Gigabyte can stay flat or even increase its shipments by a small amount.

Meanwhile, second-tier vendors ASRock, MSI, ECS, and Biostar are expecting a 10-15 percent drop in sequential shipments, Digitimes says.

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