Gigabyte Apologizes for HyperMemory Marketing Gaffe


It's pretty rare that a company apologizes for a marketing mishap and offers to make it right. Just look at the Vista capable lawsuit, or more recently, Apple's lame attempt at addressing the iPhone 4's antennae issue (Hey dude, you're holding it wrong. Here's a free case, but did I mention you're holding it wrong?).

Little nuggets of public regret just don't happen very often, so kudos to Gigabyte for backtracking on its "HyperMemory" marketing, and shame on them for doing it in the first place. HyperMemory is Gigabyte's AMD's fancy term for combining its graphics cards' onboard memory with a user's system memory. That's all fine and dandy, but where the confusion sets in is when the box advertises 1GB of memory , when really the videocard only ships with 512MB; that other 512MB is shared with from your system RAM.

"Taiwan's unclear retail packaging labels for Gigabyte 'HyperMemory' HD 5670 graphics card may have caused some confusion among buyers," Gigabyte said in a statement. "Gigabyte apologizes fo any inconvenience caused. In order to better our product label descriptions, Gigabyte will indicate the actual amount of onboard memory size on the retail box for every model equipped with 'HyperMemory' technology."

But what about for users who where already burned, namely GV-T67HM-1G1 owners?

"Gigabyte assures that this model has never been available elsewhere, and has thus been banned from selling since the end of August. Owners who have purchased this model in Taiwan are able to return or refund this product until the end of September."

As our watchdog used to say, "Woof!"

Image Credit: (forum member "mannywood")

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