Gigabit Google Fiber Plans Unveiled, Include Traditional TV and a Free Internet Option

Brad Chacos

Google just unveiled the pricing plans for the super-fast Google Fiber gigabit Internet service it's rolling out in the Kansas Cities in both Missouri and Kansas, and wow, subscribers get a lot for a little. Basic fiber-based gigabit Internet only costs $70; gigabit Internet plus TV (with a full channel lineup) costs $120 per month; and there's even an option to receive totally free Internet for at least 7 years.

Of course, that last package isn't quite no strings attached; freeloaders are limited to 5Mbps down/1Mbps up and they'll have to pay a $300 construction fee to have the fiber wires hooked up to their house, though they can opt to pay the fee in $25 increments over the course of a year. Google waves that fee for premium gigabit subscribers and tosses in 1TB of storage on Google Drive, to boot.

The TV offering is intriguing, too: it comes with hundreds of traditional HD channels comprised of the major stations you're used to, on-demand movies, full YouTube and Netflix integration, and a DVR function that can save 2TB worth of TV and up record up to eight different shows simultaneously. Oh, and TV subscribers get a free Nexus 7 to act as a remote and a portable TV screen, though some stations aren't available for streaming to the tablet.

Sign me up! Oh, wait: Google Fiber is only available in a small slice of Kansas Cities. Residents in uncovered portions of the cities can "pre-register" for a $10 fee; the neighborhoods that generate the most support by September 9th will be the next ones to receive that delicious gigabit Internet.

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