Ghoulish Redbox Price Bump Coming This Halloween

Ryan Whitwam

It was a war on two fronts that eventually drove Blockbuster into bankruptcy. Netflix was on one side, and Redbox on the other. Redbox has long been a favorite of thrifty film-buffs with its super-cheap $1 per-night movie rentals. Unfortunately, the party is over, or is at least getting a little less raucous. Redbox is upping that DVD charge to $1.20 a night starting October 31st.

On the positive side, pricing for Blu-Rays and video games are staying put at $1.50 and $2 respectively for the time being. Parent company Coinstar discussed the change in its earnings report, stressing that this is the first rate increase on Redbox machines in eight years. A likely cause of the price hike is the increasing stresses caused by disc exclusivity windows imposed by the studios.

As a bit of an olive branch, Redbox will allow customers to reserve discs online and rent then for $1 for just the first night through the end of November. Does this small price hike make you less likely to use a Redbox?

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