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Can't Install Windows Vista SP1 RC? Microsoft May Have the Solution You Need

Windows Vista SP1 RC and SP1 RC Refresh have generated a lot of positive buzz about Windows Vista - but if you can't install SP1 RC or Refresh, the kind of 'buzz' you'll be generating is anything but positive. What could be wrong?

Microsoft has discovered that a corrupted language pack could be what's putting the kibosh on your SP1 RC upgrade plans. A corrupted language pack can also prevent Windows Update from running or prevent you from installing the ActiveX Installer Service. Microsoft has a hotfix for you, and you can learn more about it at Knowledge Base article 947506 . If you're saying 'gimme the download and make it snappy,' go directly to the download (a svelte 184KB!) here.

No Need to Beg to Get the Latest Fix for Multi-GPU Woes

Problems with multiple GPUs, such as NVIDIA's SLI or ATI/AMD's CrossFire, are nothing new for Windows Vista users. Last July, we passed along a fix when Vista ignored the second GPU. In December, Microsoft rolled out a fix for load-balancing issues between GPUs, but you had to request the fix from Microsoft. Now, you no longer need to request it - it's yours for the clicking. Go to Knowledge Base article 945149 to fix both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Windows Presentation Foundation Performance Blahs? Get the Solution!

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the programming guts behind lots of today's coolest web applications . To get maximum performance and avoid problems such as jittery animations, low frame rates, or high CPU utilization with sites that use the layered windows feature, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 938660 to download fixes for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Windows XP fans, go to KB article 937106 for the solution you need.


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