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I recently downloaded a program called Zitec E-Z Checker from and installed it. I determined it didn’t do what I was looking for and ran the uninstall program conveniently included with it. What I got was an error message, in Italian no less, that said the uninstall program was unable to uninstall the software, but offered no remedy. When I tried to use the Install or Add or Remove Programs feature in Windows XP, I got an error message that said it was unable to uninstall E-Z Checker due to a file sharing problem. I used another program (ZTREE) to attempt to manually remove the files, and got the same message about a file sharing error. I tried emailing Zitec, but they have not responded. I don’t know what the “file sharing error” is or how to fix it so I can delete or uninstall the E-Z Checker software. Meanwhile, it was still popping up every time I rebooted. I removed the link in the startup menu, and it doesn’t pop up any more. Various spyware and malware programs have not detected it as a threat, but I’d like to clean it out. Any suggestions?

—Fred H.

E-Z Checker doesn’t even appear on Zitec’s product page any more. Try starting Windows in Safe Mode, in case E-Z Checker has some obscure process running that’s causing the conflict. Then try uninstalling using Revo Uninstaller ( ). We’ve had great success removing hard-to-uninstall programs with Revo, which outperforms Windows Add/Remove Software in several respects, including scouring the Registry for anything left behind by the program. The good news is that Zitec E-Z Checker doesn’t appear to be malicious, but we understand that lefover apps can be annoying.

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