Germany Moves to Ban Violent Videogames

Nathan Grayson

You know all that research that proves violent videogames cause school shootings and other horrible acts? No? Well, neither do we, but we’re positive the German government found a hidden treasure trove of the stuff. After all, there’s no way its 16 Interior Ministers would make a rash decision to ban violent videogames based on sensationalist reactions and hearsay alone, right? Right?

Because that’s exactly what they’re doing. The 16 Interior Ministers are asking Germany’s equivalent of the Parliament to ban production and sale of whatever games they decide are violent . This comes as a reaction to recent violent acts in the country, including a March 11th school shooting carried out by a 17-year-old in Winnenden.

If the ban passes, developers like Crytek would be forced to either pack their bags or outsource development to a place where virtual violence is permitted. But since all of those places have clearly been annihilated by rabid, frenzied warlords driven solely by gory FPSes and Mountain Dew, we don’t see how the latter would even be possible.

The Ministers are hoping to plunge their sword into the heart of the German videogame industry before September 27, when the country’s new elections take place. Here’s hoping the movement is, ahem, shot down before then.

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