George Lucas Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Wireless Headset Maker

Paul Lilly

Just weeks after threatening (and then backing down from) a lawsuit against Wicked Lasers for selling a laser device that supposedly resembles a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas has turned his sights to Jedi Mind, Inc., which sells a wireless headset capable of detecting brainwaves and can be used to play games and run apps via thought control (think of OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator).

Lucas and company sent a cease and desist letter to Jedi Mind way back in May, 2009, at which time the company's chief, Brent Fouch, said he would phase his company out of Jedi Mind trademarks. That was enough to appease LucasFilm, only Fouch allegedly hasn't followed through with his promise.

A second cease and desist letter landed at Jedi Mind's offices last September, but failing that, LucasFilm is now seeking $5 million in damages in injunctive relief and recovery of damages.

It should be noted that LucasFilm owns the trademarks for Jedi Knight, Jedi Power Battles, and Jedi Training Academy, but not on Jedi Mind. The company also claims legal rights to "all characteristics associated with the Jedi knights not memorialized in a registered trademark."

So what's the verdict on this one, should LucasFilm be compensated, or told to go pound sand?

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