George Jones Returns to Lead Maximum PC as Editor-in-Chief

Alex Castle

After three months combing the galaxy for an appropriate talent to take the helm, Maximum PC Editorial Director Jon Phillips has chosen a new Editor-in-Chief: George Jones, who served as our lead editor in 2004 and 2005, has returned to once again run the magazine and website. With Jones in place, Phillips goes back to full-time editorial directing -- whatever that is -- and the Maximum PC staff enters a new era of prosperity.

Maximum PC's new fearless leader George Jones, then (inset) and now.

“I look for four things in a Maximum PC editor,” Phillips said. “Namely, hardcore tech knowledge, big content ideas, managerial excellence, and a knack for expressing that impossible-to-define Maximum PC voice. It’s a tall order for any editor, but George did it before, and he’ll do it again. Huzzah!”

Various Maximum PC staffers added their own thoughts on this most illustrious of appointments:

Senior Editor Gordon Mah Ung: “Having worked with George during his last tour of duty, I can say it’s great to have him back on the team again.”

Online Managing Editor Alex Castle: “I’m very excited to have George Jones on board. I believe he’ll do a fine job of upholding Maximum PC’s rich tradition of Editor-In-Chiefs sharing a name with other, more famous people.”

Senior Associate Editor Nathan Edwards: “Sure, we know George is firmly on the PC side of the Mac vs. PC debate, but where does he stand in the all-important Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer debate?”

As for Jones himself, he completed his own induction ceremony by saying, “I’m super happy to be back in the Maximum PC fold and right in the middle of the action. This place is awesome in every sense of the word. I am a little bit nervous about the Tribble invasion in the labs, however. Gordon!”

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