Genius GX Gaming Peripherals Now Available in White in the U.S.

Paul Lilly

Gaming peripherals shipping in white in time for winter

If you're looking for gaming peripherals to match the white computer case you just bought, Genius may be your ticket to color coordination. Genius has just given its GX Gaming series of peripherals a white makeover, including the DeathTaker mouse, Imperator Pro keyboard, and GX-Speed mouse pad, all three of which have started shipping to North America, Genius announced today.

"This special collection by GX Gaming has arrived just in time for the holiday season. The new DeathTaker, Imperator Pro, and GX-Speed in white create a zone of cool around any gamer, and serve as an excellent complement to any white themed gaming setup," Genius says .

On the flip side, they'll probably reveal a little about your hygiene, too -- if you like to snack on Cheetos but aren't a fan of washing your hands, your white peripherals will end up with an orange tint over time.

In any event, both the DeathTaker and Imperator Pro are equipped with a full-speed CPU and built-in memory to save macros. The hardware also supposedly gives gamers a 1ms boost in response time, which translates into being 8 times quicker than without, Genius says.

We found the Genius DeathTaker and Imperator Pro both listed on Amazon for $70, though both are currently out of stock. We weren't as lucky in trying to track down the GX-Speed mouse pad.

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