Genius Energy Mouse Moves Your Cursor and Recharges Mobile Devices

Paul Lilly

The only rodent that can power your smartphone

Genius has come out with a new wireless rodent that can charge your mobile devices via a USB cable that plugs into its backside. The placement of the cable limits the practicality of being able to charge your phone and navigate Windows at the same time, though the Energy Mouse is capable of doing so. The real intention, however, is to provide a means of juicing up your mobile device when you're not using the mouse.

"With this device, business people, travelers and students can recharge their electronic devices, such as smartphones, when on-the-go, and negates the need to carry a separate power bank," Genius explains .

The Energy Mouse is equipped with a 2700 mAh battery, which Genius claims is more than enough to fully recharge your mobile device. There's also a separate battery reserve to power the mouse, so you needn't worry about your Galaxy S4 sucking the life out of your rodent.

Other features include a 1200 DPI sensor, four mouse buttons (one of which is a dedicated charging button), and four color options (blue, red, silver, and pink).

So, what's the verdict? Could you see something like this being useful, or is it one of those ideas that should have been scrapped before an actual product was made? Sound off in the comments section below!

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