General Motors to OnStar to Deliver 4G LTE Data in Cars Starting at $5 Per Month



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That makes me want to trade in my higher end European model for a Chevy Volt with OnStar.

But given the reliability factor of most GM models (actually most american models) hopefully that OnStar will work long enough to call for a tow


Brock Kane

6.5 hours of music??? In one month?

I use Pandora 30 minutes a day one way to work! That would equal 6 and a half hours (to and from work) of Streaming music. No thanks! That is one big time rip off!

Typical Corporate America sticking it to the working man!



If the deal comes with the girl in the photo included, I will gladly be paying 50 dollars a month! I don't even care if the speed is 3G.


Peanut Fox

Why is the data limited to a 30 dayish period? Does it get old or something?



Stay away from this retarded stuff. They want to milk as much money off from people with these "new" features. They're not new. They are not expanding them either. They are literally ripping people off from all these stupid plans.

If you have a phone with data on it, you can connect it to your car and you are DONE.

Btw, for all you newbs out there - the phone in your hand is a small compact computer. Open it up and look at the amazing board on it that is so identical to a Desktop. Not much difference.



So, is this meaning there's a wireless access point in my car for my wifi (non LTE) devices to connect to? Because I already just use my phone's data plan for all this stuff.

So yeah, exactly that. Not a great deal.



does anyone else see this as a very dangerous thing?



It's hard enough now and days to find a game that you can play off line are we now getting to the point where we also have to be online to drive our cars? (important disclaimer I don't have a license to drive too many bad drivers out there all ready :))
Man they are really trying to nickle and dime us to death with all these online fees when will they get it threw their heads that all we want is one connection for everything at one low price $50 for phone internet and TV any where we are at over any device
It's simply amazing that you can ask anyone on the street and they'd say yes to that kind of package / program and yet not one telacom company with all their phd workers can't get that :)