GeForce Experience 1.8 Brings Adjustable Optimal Settings, ShadowPlay Updates



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Man if only 780 was just around 410 dollar range, I would so get Nvidia card. :( Tired of waiting for the r290 AIB cards to come out.



ShadowPlay is awesome. I used to run FRAPS, but it just took such a performance hit out of my games that I couldn't stand to run it at all. I love the fact that ShadowPlay is always recording my gaming session. I can't count the number of times before I got ShadowPlay that I missed out recording something cool that happened because I wasn't running a recording program. Now, if something cool happens I just have to hit the hotkey combination and it saves the file in less than 5 seconds.

I really like the addition of multi-source recording. In my recordings so far, I could hear my friends in Teamspeak being recorded, but my voice was not. It sounded like they were talking to themselves.



ShadowPlay is great! I use it from time to time to record some of my BF4 game play. Best of all it doesn't take a performance nose dive like Fraps does. I still use Fraps but only for the FPS counter and to do small BM runs to see how my system can handle a game...



Isn't the "Manage 3D Settings" in the Nvidia control panel kind of redundant now? Nvidia could use a little proggy cleanup and consolidate a few things. Too many Nvidia proggies running in the background. That said, compared to AMD's Catalyst, I have no humble suggestions.



Just tried out the ShadowPlay feature tonight. Hardly any power user control (not yet anyway). It gets the job done but I can get better quality local recordings out of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for free, with more control/customization as well. The constant "shadow" recording is a nice idea though, I like it.

Either way, I believe recording with on the fly x264 compression is far superior to uncompressed and other methods (FRAPS for example). I think we're at a point where CPU power can easily handle this task smoothly and with high quality, even up to 120 FPS.



I've been putting off the upgrade all night because it tends to take FOREVER. man they need to increase the speed of their updates.