GeForce 331.82 Driver Boosts Performance Up to 50 Percent in Several Titles

Paul Lilly

New WHQL-certified GPU drivers from Nvidia now available

Want to speed up your Nvidia graphics card without overclocking? Lucky for you, Nvidia today released new WHQL-certified drivers -- GeForce 331.82 -- that the GPU maker claims will increase performance by up to 50 percent for GeForce 400, 500, 600, and 700 Series graphics cards in "several PC games." One of those titles is Metro: Last Light, though beyond that specific game, Nvidia didn't say which others receive such a generous boost.

Other examples Nvidia provided include up to 26 percent better performance in Crysis 3 and up to an 18 percent boost in Battlefield 4 after installing the new driver (versus GeForce 327.23).

In addition to performance gains, GeForce 331.82 also introduces new and updated SLI profiles, it enables GameStream technology, and it enables ShadowPlay technology. Other than those tidbits, you can expect the usual round of tweaks that result in better performance and bug fixes.

You can grab the new driver from Nvidia . It's also bundled with GeForce Experience v1.7.1.

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