Geek Gift Idea: 3D Printed Robot from My Robot Nation

Paul Lilly

For the geek who has everything, from motherboard art to processor keychains, My Robot Nation today announced the official launch of what it claims is the world's first consumer friendly digital-to-actual 3D creation service. Chalk this one up as a rad and unique gift idea, for yourself or someone else. What this company does is let you create your own robot collectible online, then have it made in full-color and in 3D.

My Robot Nation was actually featured as an exclusive beta on the Google Chrome Web Store some time ago and has now graduated as a gold service. The Web-based creation process leverages proprietary online browser technology with WebGL 3D graphics, but more importantly, it puts 3D printing within reach of the average Joe or Jane. 3D printing, while fun and growing in popularity, is typically expensive and complicated because it requires investing in your own 3D printer, some of which can be a bear to assemble. My Robot Nation removes both barriers.

To ensure your robot is one of a kind, there are more than 9 billion possible combinations of body shapes, limbs, colors, decals, and attachments.

"At My Robot Nation, we believe that everyone is creative, and everyone can create – we all just need a fun and easy way to get started. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter show us how creative everyone can be digitally – we’re giving people an amazing new way to bring that creativity into the real world," said Sarah W. Stocker, co-founder of My Robot Nation. "Robots are only the beginning – the My Robot Nation platform is designed to be flexible and allow for the creation and customization of objects of any type. 3D printing is a revolution in creation – we want everyone to have access to it!"

To kick off its launch, My Robot Nation is offering limited edition holiday robot designs. Pricing varies by size:

  • 2 inches: $18
  • 3 inches: $24
  • 4 inches: $53
  • 5 inches: $100
  • 6 inches: $170

You can create your own robot here .

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