GDGT 2012 Video Gallery

Paul Lilly

With video camera in tow, we went deep into the trenches at GDGT.

One of the things we look forward to every year is San Francisco's annual consumer electronics event called GDGT (pronounced "gadget"). This year's show was utterly packed with vendors and attendees, but that didn't stop us from lugging around a camera (check out our photo gallery of the event) and video camera. We spoke with several vendors about their products, and thankfully none of them were particularly camera shy. On the contrary, they were more than willing to show off their wares.

Logitech had a bunch of products to show off, including an ultrathin keyboard cover for the iPad and several Windows 8 devices.

Microsoft made waves in cyberspace a few months ago when it bid farewell to Hotmail and introduced , a new personal email service described as "the first major improvement to cloud mail in eight years." It's an entirely cloud-based service with some nifty features and will eventually completely replace Hotmail. is currently in beta.

We stopped by the Phorus booth to take a look at the company's wireless audio system/app system for Android devices. It's an extremely fast system that's easy to use, and best of all, the app/service is free!

Linksys was excited to show off its new wireless routers, AC media bridge, and new router options, including easier to configure QOS options. One of the things Linksys is pushing is parental controls integrated into the router. Much to the chagrin of teens addicted to Facebook and Snapchat, Linksys makes it relatively simple to limit access to specific services from certain devices, like an iPhone, at different times.

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