GDC 2014 Highlights: Virtual Reality Devices, Steam Machines, and More



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True Virtual Reality will happen when we invent devices that we put on our foreheads that can send signals directly into our brains so we can enter the virtual world & actually feel, see, touch, smell & experience everything inside that artificial world, just like in Star Trek (Synaptic stimulator) & Caprica (Holo-bands). But we might not live long enough to see that level of technology. That makes me sad. These would be TRUE Virtual Worlds & would most likely be the last thing Humans ever invent. heheh



Soon we'll be waxing all our hair off and suiting up in full body haptic rigs to enter the OASIS.



Is it me, or does Virtuix Omni treadmill look like a jumbo version of those contraptions that babies/toddlers who can't yet really walk are put in?

Maybe the low-fi video is giving me the wrong impression but I've seen movies with worse CG than that UE4 video. That video also displayed better fight choreography than many movies/TV shows: the camera was zoomed out so the action can be followed and the camera moves fluidly without "shakey cam" (I guess you don't need to use camera tricks to cover for actors not being capable of fighting when they're 100% CG lol). It also reminded me of those Direct TV commercials.



I enjoyed the home streaming too. With the right tweaking, I was able to get a playable stream going even on my gimpy little 1GHZ A6 laptop from across the apartment. (Fallout 3 is great on the toilet btw)



Much more 3-dimensional sound? Believe it when I hear it. Sloppy reporting for now.


The Mac

its already in use in Theif.