Nathan Edwards Jun 24, 2008

Gateway FPD2485W

At A Glance

Gates of Fire

Plenty of options, including tons of inputs.


Annoying menu tones, some grayscale banding & noise.

Gateway’s 24-inch LCD stands out in this crowd by offering far and away the most input options: VGA and DVI ins are joined by S-video, composite, and two component connectors, as well as four USB 2.0 ports. This LCD, however, also sports the most annoying OSD. Menu selections are accompanied by sound effects that are reminiscent of a Casio keyboard’s. And while there’s a healthy array of menu options to choose from, none appears to disable the menu’s audio. Twitchy touch-sensitive OSD buttons certainly don’t help matters.

The FPD2485W performed adequately in Display Mate, but the screen did show signs of banding in grayscales of 85 steps or more, particularly at the dark end of the spectrum. We looked for evidence of this shortcoming in our high-res digital photos, concentrating on subtle transitions in shades, but found no apparent flaws. We were also satisfied with the screen’s abilities with movies, including those with HDCP, but its game performance was unacceptable. An obvious and persistent flicker and other signs of digital noise seemed indicative of a screen that can’t keep up with rapidly changing content. Not good.


Gateway FPD2485W

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