Maximum PC Staff Nov 11, 2009

Gateway FHX2300

Mirror, mirror on my desk

Gateway’s 23-inch FHX2300 truly is a looking glass: The glossy screen produces extremely distracting glare and specular reflections. Don’t use this monitor if there’s a window or any other strong light source directly behind your seat.

The panel we used for our evaluation had a discolored pixel that glowed green when DisplayMate was producing solid black, gray, or low-intensity cyan and magenta backgrounds; it glowed yellow when the background was solid red. Gateway sent us a replacement unit, but consumers might not be so lucky: The company’s one-year warranty covers dead pixels (meaning pixels that don’t function at all), but it expressly does not cover discolored pixels.

The Gateway FHX2300 did a superb job of rendering skin tones in DisplayMate's high-resolution digital photos.

Once we positioned the Gateway to minimize its glare problems and ignored the discolored pixel on the solid-black background, we noticed significant backlight leakage on the bottom and left-hand sides. Apart from those issues, the FHX2300 delivered solid performance with the rest of our DisplayMate tests, particularly in the areas of grayscale production and screen uniformity. The display delivers six-bit color depth with frame-rate control and five-millisecond response time, so we didn’t encounter any significant motion-blur or other visual artifacts in our game and Blu-ray movie tests.

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Viewable Area
23 inches
Native Resolution
Color Gamut
72 percent of NTSC
Color Depth
Six-bit with FRC
Gray-to-Gray Response Time

Gateway FHX2300

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