Nathan Edwards Aug 25, 2008

Gateway FHD2401

At A Glance

Cloud Gate

92% color gamut, HDMI support, good dark greys.

Heaven's Gate

Poor light-greyscale showing; banding and color-tracking problems; no component input or height adjustment

The Gateway FHD2401 hits a ball or two out of the park, but we’re not terribly impressed by this 24-inch panel’s overall performance.

The FHD2401’s mighty speaker bar wins the sound portion of our display testing, no question.

The display’s grayscale performance favors the darker side of the spectrum. The FHD2401 is able to distinguish among shades of gray against a black background, but a below-average showing in lighter grayscales hurts overall performance.

Worse, banding and color-tracking discrepancies permeated the darker end of the grayscale when the monitor was tasked with producing 256 different shades.

The 1920x1200 display touts a 92-percent color gamut, which made for rich coloration in our real-world suite of tests. But the display’s visuals aren’t the best we’ve seen—in our movie, game, and image-quality tests, the images were lacking minor details on both ends of the grayscale spectrum compared to the best panels we’ve tested.

The FHD2401 offers support for HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs, but no component input. You can’t adjust the monitor’s height either, a sloppy omission for a monitor in this size class.


Gateway FHD2401
Viewable Area
Native Resolution 1920x1200
Panel Type

Gateway FHD2401

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