Gates, Buffet Attract More Billionaires for Giving Pledge

Paul Lilly

Earlier this week. Gates and Buffett announced that 40 signers, including no less than 30 billionaires and other wealthy families, have signed on to the Giving Pledge , a program whose members have agreed to give away at least half of their fortunes. When you're talking about a group of millionaires and billionaires, that's a lot of green.

We know, we know, Bill Gates isn't really part of the tech circle anymore, or at least not in the thick of things like he once was. But c'mon, no matter what your opinion of Microsoft, you have to hand it to Gates for his charity work and the truckloads of cash he's raised for philanthropy. And assuming you're a paying Windows customer (or Office or any other products Microsoft offers), you deserve a bit of kudos on this one as well.

All in all, not a bad start for a program that's less than two months old.

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