Gartner Predicts PC Shipments Will Decline 8.4 Percent in 2013



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PCs will never go away, but I do have a feeling that in a few years, we will reach a point to where 90 percent of PC owners are either pros or enthusiasts/ power users. Not such a bad thing when you think about it.



So some company no one's ever heard of is telling us "PC's are dying" like the reputable companies are, which were all wrong by the way? Someone please tell me why we should bother to trust this one. Oh wait, that's right. WE DON'T!



Where do x86-based tablets fall in these categories? That 8-inch Miix 2 looks pretty tempting.



Does it make sense to think that instead of the belief that the pc is in decline that people buying into a new way of doing things and once the market is saturated as the pc once was it will all level out. I, for one, do not believe for a second the pc will die but will remain a steady force once the newness of tablets, smartphones, etc reaches a certain level. There is NO replacement for pure pc power.


Renegade Knight

The market is all about what's selling. Companies who all geared up to sell PC's at their peak are now having problems since demand for new PCs has backed off. Like you say. It doesn't mean PC's are dead. But it does mean that companies who live and die by what's selling are going to back off the PC's and focus on where the growth is. That or innovate and steal market share so that they have a bigger piece of a smaller pie.

That's the long way to say I agree, but I do understand why everone treates tablets like the 2nd coming.


Led Weappelin

Here we go again with another "death of the PC" sheet. Who is this Gartner anyway?