Gartner Reportedly Lowers PC Shipment Forecast for 2012 and 2013

Pulkit Chandna

As with each new version of Windows, Microsoft is not the only one counting on the success of Windows 8. The entire PC industry is hoping that the next iteration of the world’s most popular PC operating system will help lift sluggish sales. But not everyone foresees the launch of Windows 8 later this year stimulating PC sales.

Gartner is said to have lowered its outlook for PC shipment forecast for this year and the next, according to a note to clients by Rick Sherlund, an analyst with Nomura Equity Research. The note, which was first reported on by GeekWire , claims that Gartner published its revised PC shipment forecast in a private report over the weekend.

The new numbers paint a very bleak picture, with the change in Gartner’s forecast for this year being especially dramatic. The market research firm is said to have lowered its forecast for growth in PC shipments in 2012 to 0.9 percent from the previous 4.4 percent . As for the next year, Sherlund claims that Gartner has revised its forecast to 11.1 percent from the original 11.9 percent.

But what could have possibly forced Gartner to make this change? Sherlund cited a number of factors, including the staggered rollout of Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips, the current economic environment, and doubts over Windows 8.

“There is a transition required and we will likely see continued mixed reactions: more negative on the legacy ‘desktop’ platform and more positive for the touch ‘Metro’ platform where all the industry growth will come from. We are still expecting RTM by late July / August, and GA by late September / early October,” Sherlund wrote in his note Monday.

Image Credit: justlooking/flickr

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