Gartner: Global Server Market Starting to Stabilize

Paul Lilly

Compared to 2008, the worldwide server market has certainly had its struggles this year. According to data released by market research firm Gartner, global server shipments tanked 17.1 percent over the same quarter one year ago, while revenues for the same period dropped 15.5 percent. But it's all about how you look at the numbers, Gartner points out.

"It is important to put the yearly declines into perspective," said Jeffrey Hewitt, research vice president at Gartner. "Looking at the third quarter results from the sequential perspective, they showed an increase of 13.8 percent in shipments and 10.2 percent in revenues when compared to the second quarter of this year. That suggests that the market as a whole is showing signs of stabilization as we move toward the end of 2009."

It terms of revenue, IBM lead all others in the worldwide server market for the quarter, claiming $3.38 billion. HP wasn't far behind with $3.2 billion in 3Q revenue, and then it drops off with Dell taking the third spot with $1.42 billion in revenue.

On the server shipment front, HP pumped out more servers in the third quarter than anyone else and now holds 32.1 percent of the market share. Dell came in second with a 22.8 percent share, and IBM a distant third with 12.8 percent.

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