Gaming Roundup 8/27/08: A Song of Ice, Fire, and Sore Thumbs



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 I really liked the first Game of Thrones, it was a great book. I picked up the second book but never finished it. Maybe it was because it was so long ago, I don't remeber why, just that I was halfway through and nothing was really happening. It began to get boring and stagnant.  So I never got to finish the saga.

I was actually quite surprised to see that the sword of truth novels by terry goodkind is now being made into a series by sam raimi. And to my surprise it actually looks good. It's being called legend of the seeker and you can check it out here at

Sam Raimi did hercules and I was actually a fan of it back in the day so im really excited to see how this turns out. 




The European gaming market expansion is actually a good thing because more exports increase the value dollar



Keith E. Whisman

Prey need I say more?

Prey's ending was rather sucky. But then again the game sucked too.



I'm going to have to go with KOTOR 2. Such a great game, but the ending managed to spawn a mod team that's trying to dig out the real ending. Knowing BioWare, I imagine they'll joke about it in the (relatively) upcoming MMO.