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I was completely underwhelmed with FarCry 2. It came very close to being a great game, but I think this game arrived tits up.

Is it just my monitor or does everything have some kind of wierd tint to it?

There seems to be an unbelievably limited number of women in this African world. Regular citizens running and screaming when firefights break out, or seeing them go about their lives when things were peaceful would have added alot of atmosphere to the game.

There are no people moving around trying to do ordinary things in a world that should be full of them.

"Patrol" parties are way too good at showing up when you are trying to stalk and snipe.

I never felt involved in the atmosphere of FarCry 2, just like I didn't in Crysis, though I found Crysis (original) to be much more enjoyable than FarCry 2. I'm tired of unilateral worlds that are only populated with those that I am trying to kill.

Three cheers for L4D, they got it right on that one. Really looking forward to the future support from Valve to furthur improve the game and add content.

Only thing about L4D that I hate is that there is no easily accessable ability/level meter to tell if someone is any good or not. One terrible player on the survivors team can totally ruin the experience, then everyone rage quits.



i really enjoyed left 4 dead, but i found far cry 2 a bit disappointing. the story wasn't as deep as it could have been, and i had many stability issues which put me off the game for quite a while. Another game i enjoyed was mirror's edge. (i know it just came out on pc so it doesnt really qualify for this) but it was fun and different from a lot of the other games i've played. Crysis warhead was also a letdown. The story in crysis was bad enough, and this did nothing to change my opinion. Unless they improve the story, i probably won't even try crysis 2.



Best games i played in 2008:

Fallout 3 (really magnificant game, bestheda should be proud for producing Fallout3 and Oblivion. i'm waiting for their next game)

The Witcher (i played the first version, despite that it is still an excellent game with very good story)

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great article.

I really enjoy Call of Duty 5, World at War.

It a nice change from playing COD4.  :)



World of goo is the best and it doesn't need massive hardware to play it. I'd wish they would release expansion packs for it


Dictated but not read


Keith E. Whisman

Ah a rare image of a female gamer in her natural habitat hard at work playing a game, Left 4 Dead? Who is that dressed up as a zombie? 

Great article, excellent work.  


fake gordon mah ung

That's a Zoey impersonator. And that infected looks like Will.



I would take Gina Carano over Jenny McCarthy any day. Gina Carano is still not enough to get me to buy a RTS game.

L4D is an amazing game! It is the only game on your list I have for the pc. (I have GTA IV on the 360)