Gaming Roundup 7/14/08: E3 Day One

Nathan Grayson

The smell of gun powder hangs in the air, and E3's off to leisurely, jogging start. Since news is spewing out of the California-based trade show like lava from an active volcano, I'm going to focus on bigger stories that will appeal to Maximum PC users' more-refined palettes. So, with that said, read more to find out all about Portal's early return, Duke Nukem's new trilogy, and much, much more.

id Leaves Activision For EA

Traditionally, id Software has relied on Activision to publish its many technically-impressive FPS titles, but when Activision opened its mouth and gulped down Blizzard, what did id do? Abandoned Activision for its nearest competition. During today's EA press conference, John Carmack took the stage to discuss id's latest FPS (now with vehicular sequences!), RAGE. He then took the opportunity to publically announce his company's partnership with EA, who will of course be publishing RAGE. Both publishers are financially loaded, so there must've been some other driving force behind id's sudden departure. What do you think?

E3 2008: Fallout 3 to have downloadable content for PC and Xbox 360

Oh how far we've come. To think that, two years ago, Bethesda's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's horse armor was the equine mascot for why microtransactions will never work (!!!!!111one). But now, their Fallout 3 DLC -- conspicuously absent on the PS3 -- is quite an exciting propostion. The news came after a spectacular live demo during Microsoft's E3 press conference that single-handedly turned my view of turn-based combat on its head. Personally, I'm hoping for some kind of flashback to the earlier Fallout games -- some nostalgic real estate. What do you want? If I bump into Todd Howard, I'll be sure to nag him for you.

Square Enix confirms FFXIII for 360

Sadly, this was the only news at Microsoft's E3 bash that really drew a wide-eyed gasp from the near-sedated crowd. And doubtless, it's exciting, but the game is still a year or two away, and the Xbox 360 version is riding back seat to its PS3 superior. Bonus points, however, for Yoichi Wada's jaunt on stage to make the announcement. His polite demeanor and broken English were both gutsy and endearing.

E3 2008: The Last Remnant coming to the PC

It's Unreal Engine 3, so why not? As of late, Square Enix has been pushing past its traditional Japanese borders, and this move solidifies that approach. Well, right after the whole FF XIII thing. Still though, I'm wondering if Sqaure Enix will give the game any sort of push on the PC.

Portal: Still Alive 360 exclusive

Non-360 owners, don't fret. This is likely a glorified map pack. Valve also hinted that the next Portal will be "something different." So, do you want more Portal, or has the Internet ruined it for you?

Duke Nukem Trilogy Being Brought to DS, PSP

Duke Nukem Forever who?

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