Gaming Roundup 7/10/08: Good Old Games

Nathan Grayson

Hype. The gaming industry lives and dies by it. More often than not, however, our expectations are sent crashing to the floor when our anticipations finally come to fruition. Today, then, was like tumbling to the ground, only to look up and glimpse an 18-Wheeler that's primed to make you into a road pizza. So, if you think you can take it, why don't you jump past the break to find out why you should be feeling more than a little let down?

Oh, and to make up for today's Debby Downer syndrome, you'll also find a link to a page that sells completely legal DRM-free copies of classic games. Or will sell them. In September. But that's something, right?

Bioware extends Dragon Age name to include Origins

Remember that upcoming Dragon Age announcement I was frothing over a couple of days ago? This is it. After all of that teasing, BioWare took the wraps off their new Dragon Age logo, promising more to come at a later date. I find this frustrating/hilarious for two reasons. 1) Technically, BioWare was completely honest. Their teaser page featured a large, dark silhouette that resembled the prince from Katamari Damacy's disembodied head, and under it, said July 9. Come July 9, they filled in the silhouette. Under-promised, with a delivery to match. 2) Back when Resistance 2 (PS3) was unveiled, Insomniac released a "trailer." The CG-rendered Resistance morsel lasted all of 20 seconds or so, and just before cutting-off altogther, said "Trailer Coming in June." A trailer for a trailer, you could say. BioWare's thing was an announcement for an announcement of a trailer. Similar, yet subtly different.

Far Cry 2 has PC as primary platform

Ubisoft's Dominic Guay talked with Gamasutra about game development on PC and consoles. His game, Far Cry 2, will find a home on both, but PC is definitely the focus. However, consoles are playing an important role as well -- serving as a cash flow that piracy can't dam. Additionally, he noted, "Considering the amount of time we spent on that game and the investment, yeah, it's probably not a good idea to make an only high-end PC game, because you'll only limit your market a lot." So, are lower-end games like WoW the only viable PC-only titles these days? What's the point of all the power a PC affords if you can't put it to the test?

Activision dreams up Guitar Hero music platform to rival iTunes

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have had a positive effect on the sales of certain rock 'n' roll tunes, so why can't Activision Blizzard get in on the action? Now that the mega-publisher has Universal's music catalog, such a service isn't out of reach. Apparently the company also has payment and processing capabilities in "virtually every country." Frankly, I'd prefer some sort of iTunes collaboration, but that's only because I own an iPod and am lazy.

Jobs: 1/3 of iPhone App Store launch apps are games

Cool. Shame that most of them are shovelware. Fortunately, this is only the beginning trickle of a soon-to-be cascading waterfall. The iPhone has hardware perks (touch screen, tilt functionality, etc.) out the fabled "wazoo" and a unique, convenient delivery system, so I'm fairly optimistic about its chances as a gaming platform.

CD Projekt To Sell "Good Old Games" DRM-Free

Yet another Steam competitor. But hey, at least this one is-- ah, who am I kidding? This sounds ridiculously awesome. Complete freedom to install and re-download a game on whatever PC you want for only $5.99 or $9.99? Titles like Fallout and MDK? Kids, web browser Doom and Oregon Trail are no longer your only options when you're not snoozing through computer class.

Dead Rising 2: The best PR response ever?

Why yes. Yes it is.

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