Gaming Roundup 6/30/08: Treyarch Attacks Gearbox, Blizzard Doesn't Much Care for Consoles

Nathan Grayson

Everyone, I have huge news! Diablo III was announced. With the Internet drooling and licking its chops in eager anticipation of Blizzard's latest devil-puncher, I figured you wouldn't be needing me today. However, gaming news moves with blinding speed, and there is life after Blizzard's Big Day. Thus, I've brought you all kinds of stories -- and only one or two of them are about Blizzard. Promise! Jump past the break to read all about it.

Blizzard's Sams: Microsoft Should Put More Emphasis On PC Gaming

As Sams points out, Microsoft is both a hardware and software developer, and stands to gain a pretty penny (thing is like a mirror!) from both sides of their business. However, their entertainment division, which houses the Xbox brand, only recently began to rake in more cash than it spattered out, whereas Windows is the most prominent OS in the world. Could the Xbox pull in more money than Windows sometime in the future? Possibly, but come on -- we're talking about Windows here. I have to side with Sams on this one.

Treyarch producer: Gearbox making 'a crappy war game'

Wow, where'd this come from? Sure, Treyarch is creating Call of Duty 5 with a renewed sense of determination, but guys, you don't buy an "I survived The Mega-Twister" T-Shirt until after you've lost your lunch on the ride. Gearbox has released two spectacular war games, and Treyarch has slapped-together a single mediocre one. Treyarch's wild bunch even went on to say that Brothers in Arms "isn't even in the same league" as COD5. Fightin' words? No, this means war.

Funcom: AoC is “undisputed #2 subscription MMO in the western world”

700,000 subscribers already. Does Blizzard have something to worry about? Probably not, but at least Conan has violently carved out a niche in the ever-expanding crowd that is the MMO market. It'll be interesting to see what happens when WoW: Wrath of the Lich King hits the shelves, though. Are Conan's mighty forces simply jaded WoW players? We'll find out sooner or later.

Minnesota pays $65,000 to ESA after game-related legal conflict

You know the drill: State wants law that's unconstitutional; ESA fights it and wins. The glittering prizes? Merely legal fees. Still though, I'd say this serves as a reminder of what the ESA does for the industry.

Rock Band 2 Announced

As if there was any doubt. Will Harmonix's new title have what it takes to combat Guitar Hero: World Tour? Ok then, what about Rock Revolution? Yes, that part was a joke.

No Starcraft 2 release in 2008

Yeah. Move along.

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