Gaming Roundup 6/25/08 Diablo III Confirmed -- No, for Real This Time, Microsoft's Glowing Comments About PC Gaming

Nathan Grayson

Welcome, one and all, to the brand new Maximum PC website. Lucky for you, we saved the best for last, and it should be coming right after this column. In the meantime, why not read about what happened in the world of gaming today? Read on to hear about Diablo III, Games For Windows, and which flying creatures are the most badass -- presented in the form of a simple chart.

Diablo 3 "Announced!"

Numerous sources around the industry are positively giddy, spewing the good gospels of Diablo III. The main message to take away from their back-alley sermons? Diablo III absolutely will be announced this weekend at Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational in Paris. Want even more proof? This morning, Blizzard's VP of Design, Rob Pardo, hinted at a new game announcement from Blizzard. And I think he's a reliable source considering that he'll be the one giving the Invitational's keynote address. So mark your calendars folks, because Diablo III is coming, for real this time.

Microsoft: "PC gaming has never been stronger."

Earlier today, Microsoft's John Schappert sent out an open letter to PC gamers, essentially pulling a "It's cool mom, we didn't throw a huge, curtains-shredding party while you were away on vacation." In other words, Schappert says PC gaming is better than ever, but I'm a tad skeptical. See, with the help of online distribution services like Steam, I do believe PC gaming is out and about, nowhere near its deathbed, but that's not what the big M harped on. No, Games For Windows is PC gaming's savior, and don't you forget it. In fact, if you have forgotten, just read Schappert's letter. He'll certainly convince you that GFW isn't a long-in-tooth Vista marketing scheme at all.

EA: Byron regulations may delay games for UK

UK gamers are used to outrageous delays, right? So what's one more? Essentially, a new set of game regulation laws might prevent UK games from launching on time thanks to a nice, sticky layer of red tape blocking their path. The good news is, if your game lacks sex, violence, or criminal activity, it'll probably get a free pass. But if you're slaving away on a pole-dancing, nuke-launching, jaywalking sim, your fans might be in for a wait.

Why Crave left the ESA

The plot thickens. Unlike the four other publishers who packed their bags and left the ESA teary-eyed on the shore, Crave departed because of the impending sale of their company. Any guesses on who's plunking down the cash?

Guitar Hero III set to Rock Your World... of Warcraft

" I am Murloc ," a thrash-metal song by Blizzard's very own in-house band, is making its way to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Words cannot describe my excitement.

The God of War Chart Of Flying-Creature Badass-ness

Click the link. We both know this is why you were reading the column in the first place.

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