Gaming Roundup 6/24/08: Blizzard Teases, Crave Exits ESA

Nathan Grayson

E3 is rapidly approaching, which means game publishers are squirreling away their biggest announcements until the fabled trade show. However, that doesn't mean they aren't tossing out a few crumbs of info here and there. Huh? What's that? Diablo 3? Oh yes, you know you want to read more.

Blizzard teaser image is mysterious, evolving

Many sites under Blizzard's umbrella have been sporting an icy splash image for the past few days. Why? No one knows for sure. Theories run the gamut from new WoW: Wrath of the Lich King info all the way to a Lost Vikings resurrection. The most enticing possibility, however, involves Diablo 3. Eagle-eyed fans have apparently spotted a Diablo-related rune in the oversized ice box. Now, I spotted Master Chief in a bagel the other day, so rampant fan speculation could be just that. Either that or, you know, Bungie and the Einstein Bros. are bringing Halo to a whole new audience.

User created content not a Rage to id

Id, a company that open sources its games just so modders can work their magic on them, doesn’t really care for user-created content, apparently. Instead, id’s next game, Rage, will be all about graphical fidelity. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean Rage’s modding tools are DOA – but they’re certainly not a top priority. On the upside, odds are Rage will be more than a glorified tech demo with id’s newfound focus on making great games, but I’m still holding out hope that id will throw the game devs of tomorrow a bone or two.

Spore getting $80 'Galactic Edition'

Special editions are typically a love-or-hate kind of thing. But with Spore, even the haters might be able to make an exception. For only $80, Will Wright’s latest slice of brilliance will bring with it a “Making of” DVD, a “Human Toolkit” DVD by National Geographic, an art book, a poster, and a “Galactic Handbook.” Must…keep…money…in…wallet.

DICE currently working on 5 Battlefield games

Some might decry DICE’s latest announcement, but I’m actually ok with it. Between Battlefield 2142’s setting, Battlefield: Bad Company’s punchy script, and Battlefield: Heroes’ cartoony aesthetic, DICE certainly keeps fans on their toes.

Marketing Vet Michael Delman To Step Into Former Bell Role At Microsoft

Jeff Bell, Microsoft’s soon-to-be former VP of global marketing of Interactive Entertainment, is on his way out in August. Fortunately Michael Delman seems qualified to pick up the slack.

Crave leaves ESA, brings tally up to five

“Knock-knock.” “Who’s there?” “Not Crave Entertainment – not anymore.” “Wait, who?”

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