Gaming Round-Up 6/27/08: E3 Exciting and Irrelevant, Valve Says PC Gaming is the Future

Nathan Grayson

Today, I had an epiphany: E3 is going to be a snooze-fest. Blizzard is making their big announcement tomorrow, most every PC game at the show will just be a high-res console port, and apparently Half-Life 2 Episode 3 won't even have a presence. Soon after, however, I stumbled over a piece that lightly patted me on the shoulder and assuaged all of my fears. Jump past the break for said piece and its bionic arm -- plus more!

Opinion: Not many PC games at E3 2008? Well, that's not really true . . .

E3 -- boring? Hah! Not a chance. This helpful little slice of truth is a nice reminder about all of the top-notch PC games in development. Hell, it even covers a few games I didn't know about, like next-gen Runescape -- Windows 95's killer app. I am still a tad wary, though. After all, for every mole hill of PC-exclusives, there's a mountain of cross-platform titles. Even so, as long as they're high-quality, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

PC is the future says Valve

No, not merely because of Steam. Valve's Gabe Newell cited World of Warcraft as PC's biggest benefactor. "Essentially, [Blizzard is] creating a new Iron Man every month, in terms of the gross revenue they're generating as a studio. Any movie studio would be shouting about that from the rooftops. But it was essentially invisible," he said of Blizzard's money-magnet. Additionally, he pointed to countries outside of the English language's oppressive bounds -- countries where PC gaming has claimed console gaming's throne. Also, he talked about Steam. Like, a lot.

Will Half-Life 2: Episode Three Be At E3? Valve Says 'No'

This story is kind of fun, because it catches all of games journalism with its pants down. The tale begins with the official E3 page, where a few writers -- noses to the ground, scrounging around for a story -- discovered a listing for Half-Life 2 Episode 3. "It's at E3! Confirmed!" they exclaimed. Not quite. See, the "official" E3 page is owned by UGO, thereby disqualifying it front any sort of officiality contest.

Crytek CEO Bemoans Software Piracy, Claims 20:1 Ratio

20:1? I think our pal Yerli is exaggerating a smidge. Sure, piracy is an issue, but as one of our commenters pointed out, retail PC game sales are down because brick-and-mortar is console turf.

3D Realms: E3 “Irrelevant,” tiny screenshots are only way to go

“'We view E3 as irrelevant nowadays,' 3D Realms chief Scott Miller said. 'In fact, I wasn’t even aware it was coming up.'

We suppose that would be an issue when you’re developing your game under a rock."

My sentiments exactly.

Full-page Kmart ad showing $299 Xbox 360

Phone your friends and taunt your enemies, because this thing's happening. Suddenly that piggy bank is looking mighty breakable.

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