Gaming Round-Up 6/26/08: New Civ Expansion Racist? Spore + Pokemon = ???

Nathan Grayson

Only a couple of days until Blizzard's big announcement, and I'm sure you're squirming in your seat with unbridled excitement. It's a shame, then, that nothing's really happened concerning that story since yesterday. Wait! Don't go! Someone designed Pokemon in the Spore Creature Creator. That's cool, right?

Age of Conan is steak to WoW's cheeseburger

Really Funcom? Really? This is the gaming industry -- not the playground. I'm totally telling the ESA on you guys. Seriously though, I haven't actually had a chance to gallop around Conan's rough-and-tumble world, so I couldn't say if these allegations are correct or not. I have heard that Conan isn't quite up to snuff when it comes to endgame content, so maybe Funcom should focus on removing  the plank from their own game before they point out a speck in someone else's. At any rate, expect a response from Blizzard fairly soon -- probably something along the lines of a "Nuh-uh."

Is Civilization IV: Colonization racist?

This is interesting -- if not unexpected. Ben Fritz, a writer for Variety's brand spankin' new gaming blog, is calling out Sid Meier. "Dat's racist, dawg," he says, albeit in a more eloquent manner. Why? "A game about colonization that's entirely about controlling the settlers can either force the player to do horrific things or let him avoid doing it and whitewash some of the worst events of human history. Either option is offensive." So what, Fritz is afraid to explore serious issues in gaming? History happened. If we can't learn from our past, we're doomed to slip-up again. What better way to learn than to step into history's shoes?

Blizzard unveils Blizzard Authenticator

I imagine this handy little device to beep like keys for a sports car. "New car? Sweet!" "No, my guild's raiding the Black Temple in an hour and I need to buy some mats from the auction house." *Friend number one beats up friend number two* Still though, for the pithy price of €6.00, the authenticator is a fool-proof way to protect your WoW character from finding him/herself on top of the Orgrimmar Bank, cold, naked, and a couple thousand gold in-debt.

Rumor: Xbox 360 dropping to $299

If you haven't purchased one yet, soon you'll be even more likely to press up against your local Gamestop's window and gaze longingly at Microsoft's curvy, white box. With any luck, the rumored drop will spur sales, because Microsoft's big gun for the spring sure didn't.

Pokemon invade the Sporepedia

We were all Pokemon fans at some point or another, so why not take a fond stroll down memory lane? From Charizard to Magikarp, this collection has 'em all -- sans about 200.

Duke Nukem Forever not going to E3

What? This is news? Who'd even report on this?

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